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Dispensary Deals Michigan

We have the best dispensary deals in Michigan. 50% off your first order up to $100 at From BOGOs to holiday specials, promotions and coupons we've got you covered. We breed and grow nearly all of our unique cultivars in-house. That's why we're able to sell really good weed at really great prices. Check out all of our deals below. We update this page frequently so be sure to bookmark it!

Mix and Match Pricing

At weedys we organize our flower and prerolls into 3 price tiers: Weed, Good Weed, and Really Good Weed. By purchasing more than one item from the same tier you will instantly receive a discount. The more products from the same tier the larger the discount. View the pricing breakdown below.

Flower Pricing

Weed/Prerolls pricing

Preroll Pricing

Weed/Prerolls pricing
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