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Monroe, MI, 1118 S Telegraph Rd 48161
Mon-Sat 9-9 | Sun 10-8

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Facility Overview

Our facility is 70,000 ft2 with maximum flowering canopy size of ~50,000ft.

Weedys facility blueprint

Fertilizer Science

The secret is in the sauce. Weedys precisely blends all the macro and micro nutrients fed to our plants.

Grow facility equipment


Our genetic library is the heart and soul of our operation. The seemingly limitless expressions locked with-in the un-germinated seed stock we've been creating and over the last 10-years has set us up for a 100-years worth of pheno hunting and new strain releases. Check out our complete strain library here.

Weedys Grape Runtz plant

Hand Trim Only

We put so much blood, sweat, tears, heart and soul into growing our plants, the last thing we want to do is shred our beautiful flower with an auto trimmer. We grow true craft cannabis and authentic craft cannabis gets hand trimmed and hand packaged exclusively.

Person hand trimming a cannabis nug

Curbside only

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