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Weedys Crypt Creeper No.8 Strain
Weedys Crypt Creeper No.8 Strain
Crypt Creeper No.8 Flower

Disclaimer color varies from batch to batch and flower may not look exactly like the photo


Crypt Creeper No. 8

Sour Hulk x Vamp Slayer

THC 21.95%

Total 25.57%

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Crypt Creeper #8 materializes as a spine-chilling fusion of the garlic-infused Vamp Slayer and the gas-packed Sour Hulk, exuding a pungent aroma of garlic, chem, and OG potent enough to deter any lurking creatures of the night. Embrace the cryptic concoction of Vamp Slayer’s sedative power and Sour Hulk’s uplifting giggles with this eerie strain. Perfect for evening sessions, Crypt Creeper #8 will guide you through a “Tales from the Crypt”-worthy journey of relaxation, laughter, and restful sleep as it haunts the twilight hours.

Percentages may vary by up to 10%

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