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Crypt Creeper Pack
Crypt Creeper Pack
Weedys Crypt Creeper Pack 10.5g product image
Weedys Crypt Creeper No.8 Strain
Weedys Crypt Creeper #9

Disclaimer color varies from batch to batch and flower may not look exactly like the photo

Crypt Creeper Pack 10.5g

(1 review)

The Crypt Creeper Pheno Flight is a remarkable exploration into the Weedys world of genetics! Unveiling our exclusive “Pheno Flight,” this pack delves into the diverse gene pool of Crypt Creeper. Within this pack, you’ll encounter a captivating range of gassy, fuel chem funk terpene profiles, each possessing its own unique nuances. It’s the perfect opportunity to debunk the myth that “highest potency is king” and truly experience the complexities of cannabis. By breeding Vamp Slayer and Sour Hulk, we’ve curated different offspring for you to discover and decide for yourself: Potency, or Terpenes? It’s a fascinating choice that only you can make. We’d love to hear your thoughts! Drop a comment below and let us know which pheno from the Crypt Creeper Pack you found most intriguing. Happy exploring!

Percentages may vary by up to 10%

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(1 review)

Amazing flavor, and high.

Crypt Creeper Pack

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May 8, 2023

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I think I prefer the pheno 7 followed by 8. Pheno 7 stood out to me in flavor and smoothness. Pheno 8 did stand out to me in potency, had a strong hazy feeling. Pheno 9 was a more funky earth smell, and taste then the rest.

— Noah Samuel Jackson

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