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Weedys Lamb’s Ear
Weedys Lamb’s Ear
Lamb’s ear flower

Disclaimer color varies from batch to batch and flower may not look exactly like the photo


Lamb's Ear

Wildfire OG x Oreoz

THC 18.60%

Total 22.03%

(1 review)

Discover Lamb’s Ear, a velvety-soft strain bred by Weedys that combines the fan-favorite WildFire OG with the scrumptious Oreoz for an unparalleled experience as gentle as the namesake flower. With a soothing, smooth effect reminiscent of the soft, fuzzy leaves of a Lamb’s Ear plant, this hybrid inherits WildFire OG’s west coast essence and Oreoz’s mouthwatering sweetness. Ideal for those seeking a comforting high, Lamb’s Ear delivers a pleasant balance of relaxation and euphoria. Embrace the “ewe-phoric” charm of Lamb’s Ear and let it guide you to a serene pasture of tranquility and delight.

Percentages may vary by up to 10%

Terpenes & Cannabinoid List

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(1 review)

Definitely worthy of the name

Lamb’s Ear

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November 28, 2023

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Got this one as part of the Thanksgiving sampler, so it wasn’t necessarily something I sought out. Last night I gave it a go in my dry herb vape, and after a couple of pulls (usually enough to give me a buzz), I wasn’t feeling much. “Guess it’s a dud,” I thought. And then 15 minutes went by, and a couple more pulls. Hoooooooo boy does this one sneak up on you. It’s certainly a pleasant high, definitely relaxed and easygoing. Only downside is I didn’t get a ton of flavor from it, but that’s not atypical from my vaporizer; I note it only because some of the other strains from Weedys are better in that area. Certainly one I’ll look for again.

— Carl

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