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Weedys Prince Arthur Eighth
Weedys Prince Arthur Eighth
Weedys Prince Arthur product image

Disclaimer color varies from batch to batch and flower may not look exactly like the photo

Indica-HybridGood Weed

Prince Arthur

Dough Boy x Excalibur

THC 22.98%

Total 27.37%

(1 review)

Prince Arthur, a distinguished strain by Weedys, is an indica-dominant hybrid born from the union of Dough Boy and Excalibur. This strain combines the dense, doughy aroma of Dough Boy with the coffee and nutty profiles of Excalibur, offering a deeply relaxing and sedative experience. It’s perfect for those seeking a potent body high and a tranquil mind, resembling the calm yet powerful aura of its namesake. With dense, resinous buds, Prince Arthur is ideal for a peaceful evening, providing a royal escape to relaxation with a subtle nod to the legendary figure it’s named after.

Percentages may vary by up to 10%

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(1 review)

Another great strain

Prince Arthur

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February 24, 2024

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Always the best bud in town weedys does it right can’t go to Michigan without stopping there

— Michael Williams

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