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Weedys Space Meat Eighth
Weedys Space Meat Eighth
Weedys Space Meat Flower

Disclaimer color varies from batch to batch and flower may not look exactly like the photo

Indica-HybridGood Weed

Space Meat

Wookie Dawg x Taco Truck

THC 22.84%

Total 27.65%

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Space Meat combines Wookie Dawg’s soothing nature with Taco Truck’s unique scent profile. The blend of humulene, β-myrcene, and caryophyllene creates a robust, meaty onion essence, while terpinolene, valencene, and terpineol weave in refreshing notes of cilantro and lime. This strain offers a galactic journey with every puff, enveloping you in a sensory experience akin to a cosmic taco stand adventure.

Percentages may vary by up to 10%

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