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Monroe, MI, 1118 S Telegraph Rd 48161
Mon-Sat 9-9 | Sun 10-8


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Monroe Dispensary

Monroe Dispensary,, offers premium terpene-rich weed at unbeatable prices. Get 50% OFF your first order (up to $100 saved). Enjoy this first-timer discount upon arrival.

1118 S Telegraph Rd, Monroe, MI 48161
Monday-Saturday 9-9 Sunday 10-8
(877) 793-3397

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Chp. 5New
Weedys-DurbanValley-PrerollWeedys Durban Valley Flower

Durban Valley Preroll


Durban Poison x SFV OG

THC 18.79%

Total 22.49%

Chp. 5New
Weedys-TheHorseman-PrerollWeedys The Horseman Flower

The Horseman Preroll


Crypt Creeper no.7 x Biker Kush

THC 16.55%

Total 19.42%

Chp. 5
Weedys Donezo Preroll product imageWeedys Donezo Flower

Donezo Preroll


Gasolina x Sour Double Lemons

THC 20.38%

Total 25.18%

Chp. 4
Bling Bling PrerollBling Bling Flower

Bling Bling Preroll


Paloma x Vamp Slayer

THC 17.83%

Total 21.62%

Chp. 3
Ether Ink PrerollEther ink flower

Ether Ink Preroll


Sugar Cookie x GMO

THC 19.23%

Total 22.84%

Chp. 3
Really Good Prerolls
Weedys Malibubu Preroll product imageWeedys Malibubu Flower

Malibubu Preroll


Topanga Canyon x Motor Breath

THC 25.71%

Total 30.55%

Chp. 5
Good Prerolls
Weedys Lost Boy Kush Preroll product imageWeedys Lost Boy Kush Preroll product image

Lost Boy Kush Preroll


Dough Boy x Vamp Slayer

THC 22.34%

Total 26.28%

Chp. 5
Weedys Midnight Rider Preroll product imageWeedys Midnight Rider Preroll product image

Midnight Rider Preroll


Vamp Slayer x Biker Kush

THC 9.43%

Total 11.03%

Chp. 4
Good Prerolls
Crypt Creeper No.7 PrerollCrypt Creeper #7 Flower

Crypt Creeper No. 7 Preroll


Sour Hulk x Vamp Slayer

THC 23.78%

Total 27.91%

Chp. 5
Good Prerolls
Weedys Space Invader Preroll product imageWeedys Space Invader Flower

Space Invader Preroll


Alien Abduction x Malibubu OG

THC 22.88%

Total 26.72%

Chp. 2
Good Prerolls
Weedys Wookie Dawg Preroll product imageWookie Dawg Flower

Wookie Dawg Preroll


Wookie OG x Stardawg

THC 23.63%

Total 27.71%

Chp. 3
Good Prerolls
Ghost Dawg PrerollGhost dawg flower

Ghost Dawg Preroll


Ghost OG x Stardawg

THC 24.47%

Total 28.69%

Chp. 4
Crypt Creeper 9 PrerollCrypt Creeper #9 Flower

Crypt Creeper No. 9 Preroll


Sour Hulk x Vamp Slayer

THC 20.76%

Total 24.82%

Chp. 5
Really Good Prerolls
Weedys Frost Byte Preroll product imageWeedys Frost Byte Preroll product image

Frost Byte Preroll


Alien Abduction x Freezer Burn

THC 25.34%

Total 29.61%

Chp. 5
Good Prerolls
Weedys Electric Eel Preroll product imageWeedys Electric Eel Preroll product image

Electric Eel Preroll


Durban Poison x Paloma

THC 24.62%

Total 29.59%

Chp. 5
Really Good Prerolls
Weedys Prince Arthur Preroll product imageWeedys Prince Arthur Preroll product image

Prince Arthur Preroll


Dough Boy x Excalibur

THC 25.89%

Total 30.63%

Chp. 4
Really Good Prerolls
Gasolina PrerollGasolina flower

Gasolina Preroll


Sour Hulk x Oreoz

THC 28.55%

Total 33.66%

Dispensaries With Flavor

Weedys specializes in breeding, growing, and selling terpene-rich cannabis flower, prerolls, and concentrates. Our Michigan dispensaries are for cannabis enthusiasts searching for consistently flavorful, top-shelf weed.

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Curbside Weed

Because coming inside is a waste of time. No lines, no stress, just consistently flavorful weed fast. Order online and pickup from one of our hassle free Michigan Dispensaries in 15 minutes or less.

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1.Browse our online shop and add items to your cart.

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Most Popular Strains

Weedys Wookie Dawg Eighth

Wookie Dawg

Wookie OG x Stardawg

Weedys Lost Boy Kush Eighth

Lost Boy Kush

Dough Boy x Vamp Slayer

Weedys Werewolf OG Eighth

Werewolf OG

Wookie Dawg x Vamp Slayer

Weedys The Horseman Eighth

The Horseman

Crypt Creeper no.7 x Biker Kush

Weedys Durban Valley Eighth

Durban Valley

Durban Poison x SFV OG

Weedys Midight Rider Eighth

Midnight Rider

Vamp Slayer x Biker Kush

Weedys Prince Arthur Eighth

Prince Arthur

Dough Boy x Excalibur

Weedys Space Meat Eighth

Space Meat

Wookie Dawg x Taco Truck

Weedys Lamb’s Ear

Lamb's Ear

Wildfire OG x Oreoz

Weedys Lycheeba Eighth


Tropicana x Lemon G

Weedys Ju-On Strain


Ghost OG x Cookie Blanco

Weedys Crypt Creeper 7 Eighth

Crypt Creeper No. 7

Sour Hulk x Vamp Slayer

Weedys Crypt Creeper No.8 Strain

Crypt Creeper No. 8

Sour Hulk x Vamp Slayer

Weedys Crypt Creeper #9

Crypt Creeper No. 9

Sour Hulk x Vamp Slayer

Weedys Alien Dawg Eighth

Alien Dawg

Alien Abduction x Wookie Dawg

Weedys Gasolina Strain


Sour Hulk x Oreoz

Weedys Alien Abduction

Alien Abduction

Alien OG x Chem 4

Weedys Ether Ink

Ether Ink

Sugar Cookie x GMO

Weedys Excalibur


Holy Grail Kush x OGKB

Weedys Space Invader Yellow Eighth

Space Invader

Alien Abduction x Malibubu OG

Weedys Mojito Jedi

Mojito Jedi

Durban Poison x Skywalker OG

Weedys Yolandi Eighth


Durban Poison x Durban Poison

Weedys Donezo Eighth


Gasolina x Sour Double Lemons

Weedys Mangoose Haze Eighth

Mangoose Haze

Durban Poison x Thai Mango

Weedys Cookie Thumper Eighth

Cookie Thumper

Cookie Blanco x Excalibur

Weedys Paloma


Grapefruit Fly x Durban Poison

Weedys Goblin OG Eighth

Goblin OG

Excalibur x Ghost OG

Weedys Malibubu Eighth


Topanga Canyon x Motor Breath

Weedys Bling Bling

Bling Bling

Paloma x Vamp Slayer

Weedys Grape Runtz Eighth

Grape Runtz

Grape Ape x Runtz

Preroll Bundles

Save big when you buy prerolls in bulk.

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Terpenes Over Potency

Our Dispensary in Monroe is Known For Really Good Weed

We breed and grow nearly all the strains for sale at our dispensary in-house at our cultivation facility in South East Michigan. We are known for our terpene-rich flowers, prerolls, and concentrates.Our passion is for breeding new strains and hunting rare and exotic terpene and cannabinoid profiles to share with you. We are genuinely passionate about the plant. This is what makes us different from the other dispensaries in Monroe.

Check out our complete strain library here.

We grow our weed in-house


#antimids #terpchasers #realcraftcannabis

Click here to digitally tour our grow facility.

Terpenes Over Potency

True cannabis lovers know that flavor and aroma are the most important criteria for assessing the quality of cannabis. Potency is also an essential factor; however, in our opinion, it is NOT the determining factor for making a strain selection as the consumer. Unfortunately other dispensaries in Monroe and across Michigan relentlessly push the potency over everything narrative. This is because they don't have edge and are 100% focused on profit. Weedys is focused on the terps.

Discover more about terpenes and their importance here.

Best Cannabis Prices in Monroe

Our flower is different. It's terpene packed. It's beautiful. It stinks to high heaven. It's really good. We're growing strains found nowhere else in the world. That's because we're breeders. This is what we do. We're also growers, and because we're growers, we don't buy weed from other growers. This allows us to sell top-shelf weed at bottom-shelf prices. The better you grow, the more you get. All the weed we sell at our cannabis store in Monroe is excellent. Still, we decided to break it up into three tiers anyway. "Weed," "Good Weed," and "Really Good Weed." Our criteria for determining what strains go on which tier are different from most dispensaries in Monroe. But hey, we're not in the business of being the same.

Learn more about our pricing tiers here.Weedys flower pricing tiers breakdown

Curbside Only | Really Good Weed Fast

Half our focus is growing really good weed consistently. The other half is focused on getting it into your hands fast. We get it; going into dispensaries can be fun the first or second time. But over time, we realize that visiting dispensaries in Monroe is a chore. Ordering weed online and picking it up curbside is the most convenient way to buy cannabis.

  • No lines
  • No hassle
  • Order from the comfort of your home
  • Take your time because you're never rushed
  • Order online 24/7 pick-up between 9am – 9pm Mon-Sat 10am – 8pm Sun
  • Relax in the parking lot watching tik-tok while we run your weed out.

Expand your Knowldge

Learn more about the Cannabis you consume in our Learning Center. Here are some quick links to get you started

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