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Glass Jar 1oz Special

Buds too big for regular jars

Glass Jar 1 oz Deals full of buds too big to fit in regular Jars. Ours Jars are jam packed with premium cannabis flower tops. We're talking top-shelf stuff here, folks - the kind of buds that only real cannasseurs can appreciate. These kolas were hand-picked and hand-trimmed, ensuring that only the finest flowers made it into each Glass Jar. Our Stash Jars are perfect for terp chasers, anti-mid types, and anyone who knows what's up. So don't miss out - order your limited edition Glass Jar Stash Jar today and take your Weedys collection to a whole 'nother level!

First time discount does not apply to jars.

There are currently no jars in stock. Please check back soon!

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